EN ANGLAIS: Investigators Turn To Hypnosis To Solve Cases

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Investigators Turn To Hypnosis To Solve Cases
Law Enforcement Turning To Hypnosis To Solve Sex…
Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is turning to hypnosis to help solve sexual assault cases. 0 Ratings | 73 Video Views
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Published: November 12, 2009
Updated: November 12, 2009
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nowBuzz up!It’s a safe community where people’s trust is shattered.

A woman walking her dog says a hooded man sexually attacked her right near the golf course at Pebble Creek. But that is where the details stop in this case, Investigators say this victim just cannot remember her attacker.

Som law enforcement officers are turning to a old technique, hypnosis, to help victims of sexual assault remember what happened.

‘We put up a wall, so we don’t remember those sort of things,“ said Dr. Jeff Kramer, a noted hypnotherapist. “It’s a protective thing our sub-conscious mind will do. Hypnosis, really is just getting that sub-conscious and conscious mind on the same page.“

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office says it uses hypnosis in cases where victims cannot remember details needed to try and solve the case.

‘We’re allowing this person to go back in a safe environment, to go back into that time, where they will actually believe that they are there. Or at least they’ll believe they’re seeing it on a tv screen or something like that.“

In this case , deputies need more information about the attacker. Anything more than just the generic “hooded man” description they have now.

“You are giving them the opportunity to remember those facts,“ Kramer said.

The procedure is fairly easy. There is no swinging stopwatch, you just lean back and close your eyes.

“You continue to just relax and let your whole body relax, from head-to-toe,“ he said. Kramer says it takes off the regular filters your mind usually has.

“I ask people all the time, how many times have you been hypnotized?,“ Kramer said. “And they’ll say never and i’ll say, “no, you’ve been hypnotized millions of times.“

And you may not be lying in his chair. It’s like autopilot when you cannot remember exactly how you drove somewhere.

“It’s a normal state that people go into,“ Kramer said.

A state an entire community is hoping will provide some answers, so the case can be solved.

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